Meet The Bluegyp Team

The team at Bluegyp is our strongest asset and has grown exponentially throughout the years.
Each and every member is valued and essential to the smooth running of our business.

John Marrin
John MarrinManaging Director
Sandra Marrin
Sandra MarrinCompany Secretary
Graham Griffiths (Griff)
Graham Griffiths (Griff)Commercial Director
Christian Longthorne
Christian LongthorneContracts Manager
Peter Chae
Peter ChaeEstimator
Lucy Marrin
Lucy MarrinQuantity Surveyor
Ewan Miller
Ewan MillerQuantity Surveyor
Olivia Hall
Olivia HallTrainee Quantity Surveyor
Paul Reeve (Reever)
Paul Reeve (Reever)Distribution and Transport Manager
Matthew Hyland
Matthew HylandScreed Manager
Gary Edwards (Flip)
Gary Edwards (Flip)Site Supervisor
James Jones (Jay)
James Jones (Jay)Site Supervisor
Boydan Krupnyckyj
Boydan KrupnyckyjSite Supervisor
Tom Kelly
Tom KellySite Supervisor
Keyon Hanley
Keyon HanleyApprentice Fixer

Our Apprentices

At Bluegyp we are conscious of the shortage of young people coming into the industry and therefore aim to offer incredible apprentice opportunities in partnership with local colleges and universities.

All of our apprentices are young, driven individuals who are keen to develop their personal and professional skills in a fast-paced exciting industry. We are partnered with Salford university to offer our quantity surveying and project management apprenticeships and wigan and leigh college for our on-site apprenticeships.

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